training, innovation, research and consultancy

Through the simulation environment of CISARC, the development of high performance clinical teams which stand out for their excellence is fostered.  This is achieved by focusing on five major areas:

  1. Patient safety: reducing the number of errors and adverse events.
  2. Technical and personal skills: shaping professionals’ technical and non-technical skills in a comprehensive way.
  3. Coordination and teamwork: fostering the development of high performance teams to work in a coordinated, efficient and safe manner.
  4. Organisation and planning: evaluating the protocols, procedures and circuits in healthcare activities.
  5. Innovation and improvement: improving processes and ways of working to multiply the performance and efficiency of clinical practice.

development of high perfomance teams

Incorporating competency diagnostic tools is key in fostering talent relationship management and in improving the performance efficiency of teams.

CISARC has the knowledge, technology and infrastructure to carry out this assessment, in terms of both individuals as well as teams.

The incorporation of these competency diagnostic tools facilitates:

• In individual terms, assessing the degree of contribution to the team, identifying strengths and weaknesses, patterns of behaviour, communication, etc. A posteriori, it enables a personalised proposal to be planned which will improve the efficiency in their work and in their relationship and connection with the team.

• In the team, the opportunity to assess work styles and relationships. Subsequently, it allows a proposal to be designed for each member in relation to the team (with their value within this) as well as the identification of strengths and weaknesses as a team and the possibility to establish strategies to improve their efficiency at work.

clinical innovation and research support

The use of simulation contexts and environments allows tests and trials to be conducted without risk to compare the efficiency and safety of new ways of working in multidisciplinary teams within clinical processes. These tests become especially relevant with the introduction of new technology, new work systems, new facilities and/or resources to the industry or subsidiary companies of the health sector.

CISARC offers its facilities to innovation and development departments for them to see new products of the health sector industry as well as providing their expertise to carry out product testing.

In this way, it can assess their impact, their degree of response and their suitability to the needs of healthcare organisations, etc. In the same vein, it is open to collaboration with these companies to undertake applied research projects to develop lines of knowledge transfer to healthcare organisations and society in general.

consultancy services and project development

The technology and knowledge of CISARC allow projects and commissions to be carried out which have been developed ad hoc for companies and organisations, both for internal use as well as with the idea for the general use of the whole of society.

The consultancy services of CISARC include:

• Design and production of digital tools and resources which complement classroom simulation: augmented reality, using mobile devices (mobility, ubiquity), and online simulation.

• Experimenting, trying out, testing: recreating scenarios to assess them, document them and then improve them based on technology, modification of processes, introduction of new ways of working...

• Ad hoc project design to give a response to specific and exact needs of different organisations.

• Production of audio-visual healthcare resources: recording tests, healthcare processes (real or simulated), clinical activities, etc.