strategic alliances

international network of clinical simulation centres

CISARC is one of 500 clinical simulation centres in the world, linked to universities or prestigious healthcare organisations. It is part of a framework that allows the exchange of experiences, projects, teachers, resources, etc. It also facilitates participation in international innovation projects.

agreements with healthcare organisations in Catalonia

Through the Bages University Foundation, CISARC has a strategic agreement with both employers' healthcare organisations in Catalonia: the Catalan Union of Hospitals (association of healthcare and social organisations) and the Social and Health Consortium of Catalonia, through its training centre, Union Training Consortium. Between both groups, there are 120 healthcare and social organisations in the country and they have more than 70,000 workers, mostly working in healthcare. This relationship provides a deep understanding of the sector and its needs and challenges. In addition, CISARC is positioned as a key element in the lifelong learning needs of health professionals in Catalonia.

academic board

CISARC has an academic board which maintains close and periodic contact with different stakeholders of the health sector with the aim of defining future lines of work. The CISARC academic board consists of people with managerial positions in different health centres in Catalonia as well as academic representatives of the university in the field of Healthcare Sciences.