Pinea 3 Living Organizations International Congress 2018

3rd Edition – Manresa (Barcelona)



This congress is a forum to share latest trends, innovations and best practices in the area of Living Organizations. It provides the opportunity for business practitioners, consultants, coaches, academics and thinkers to discuss experiences, innovative methodologies and ideas in an open and friendly environment while building valuable relationships in an internacional network of conscious agents of change.


19th january 2018

9.30 to 18.00


Fundació Universitària del Bages - FUB2 auditorium

Av. Bases de Manresa, 1

08242 Manresa

Pinea 3 Living Organizations International Congress



9:00 - Wellcome and registration.
9.30 Welcome Speech by Sílvia Mas, UVic- UCC Vice rector, and opening speech “Concious Leadership in V.U.C.A times” by Joan Cos, Director of the Congress and co-founding partner of Pinea3 Living Organizations.

10.00 - "Leading in V.U.C.A. world" by Ms. Erika Uffindell.


10.30 - “The power of context to navigate in a V.U.C.A. world” by Mr. Norman Wolfe.


11.00 - “Adult development Theory and our political leaders” by Mr. Enric Bernal.

11.30 -  Coffee Break
12.00 -  “Thriving with purpose in a V.U.C.A. world” by Mr. Simon Paterson.


12.30 - “Millennials at work in a V.U.C.A. world: a huge leadership challenge” by Mr. Xavier Tarré.


13.00 - Group knowledge dynamics


13.30 - Networking lunch at the University


15.00 - “Corporate Circular Economy as a model of Leadership and Living Organizations” by Ms. Tove Margrethe Dyblie.


15.30 - “Change management methodologies. A practical approach” by Ms. Glòria Atarés.


16.00 - “Real time systemic intelligence: an essential resource for a successful and meaningful cultural transformation in a V.U.C.A. environment” by Ms. Francesca Gabetti.


16.30 - Summary, conclusions and closing  by Mr. Enric Bernal and Ms. Erika Uffindell.



Guest Speakers


Mr.  Cos, Joan (CAT) – International consultant in Leadership, Strategy and Culture change, created and developed Apreciative Collaboration ® methodology, partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations and partner co-director of TAGA.


Ms. Uffindel, Erika (UK) Founder and Director of The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership and partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations. Founder and currently chairwoman of Uffindell Group a London and New York based strategic consultancy.


Mr. Wolfe, Norman  (USA). Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders, author of The Living Organization: Transforming Business to Create Extraordinary Results. His expertise is in strategy, leadership and creating dynamic cultures.  He has been an executive and organization leader and now coaches and consults to many other leaders.


Mr. Bernal, Enric (USA) – PhD. Latin America Manager & Global Solutions Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, partner at Culture & Leadership and at Pinea3 Living Organizations.


Mr. Paterson, Simon (UK) – Simon is an independent brand strategist and principal of Paterson AS. He is a member of the Medinge Group, a high level international think tank on branding.


Mr. Tarré, Xavier (CAT) - International consultant, coach and facilitator of programmes for business in Leadership, Strategy and Culture change, partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations and founding co-director of TAGA.


Ms. Dyblie, Tove Margrethe (NO) A passionate, creative sustainable development professional with an International MBA in Global eManagement from the Norwegian School of Economics and a MSc in Sustainable Development (University of Exeter, UK).


Ms. Atarés, Gloria (CAT)- Communications and Change Manager at Conduent – Xerox and developer of the methodology of Harmony in Change®. She is Associate Consultant at TAGA as specialist in Change Management.


Ms. Gabetti, Francesca (IT)  – International Entrepreneur, co-founder & CEO of TeamEQ, Co-founder Conscious Capitalism Spain, expert in Systemic Management and Leadership.  Partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations.



Team members

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