Business Administration Degree

Classes in Business Administration at UManresa have a high practical content and use simulation tools intensively for training management skills, both generic ones (negotiation, team management, communication, time management, conflict resolution, decision making, creativity, critical thinking, etc.) as well as situational ones (linked to key moments in daily business matters: inspections, audits, dismissal of personnel, recruitment interviews, shareholders’ meetings). 


The simulation methodology is closely integrated into teaching throughout all the degree and includes activities with actors in order to reproduce real business situations as faithfully as possible. The university also has equipment for recording sessions of individual and collective cases which can be later be analysed and areas for improvement identified.


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Gestion d'enterprises

Students of Business Administration at UManresa can take free courses in English, during the 4 years of their degree, and a second foreign language (French or German) from the 3rd year.


The aim is to ensure that when students graduate, they will all have a solid foundation in language skills that will allow them to work in multilingual environments.

Gestion d'enterprises

UManresa promotes the geographic mobility of its students with exchange programmes such as Erasmus or Seneca, but also with other initiatives such as short collective stays in EU countries from the first year or internships for graduates. 100% of students are eligible for a place to participate in mobility programmes. Collective international trips for first and second year students.

Gestion d'enterprises

80% of UManresa business administration graduates find work within two years of completing their studies. 90% of these are doing so in jobs directly related to their studies.

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