Early Childhood Education Syllabus

Degree in Early Childhood Education from the Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya

Early Childhood Education - 1st year


Schools, Education Systems and the Role of Teachers 6 ECTS
English for Academic Purposes 6 ECTS
Techniques of Expression and Communication 6 ECTS
Teaching Art I 3 ECTS
Nature of Artistic and Literary Knowledge 9 ECTS
Developmental Psychology 6 ECTS
Teaching and the School Curriculum 6 ECTS
Audiovisual Education and ICT 6 ECTS
Sociology of Education 6 ECTS
Nature of Artistic and Literary Knowledge 6 ECTS


Early Childhood Education - 2nd year


Educational Psychology 6 ECTS
Trends in Contemporary Education 6 ECTS
Child Psychology. 0-6 years 6 ECTS
Families, Schools and Contexts 6 ECTS
Nursery Schools. 0-3 years 6 ECTS
Introduction to and Strategies for Attending to Diversity 6 ECTS
Musical Education I 3 ECTS
Motor Skill Development and Corporal Expression 7 ECTS
Nursery Schools. 3-6  years 6 ECTS
Practicum I 8 ECTS


Early Childhood Education - 3rd year


Teaching Maths I 3 ECTS
Teaching Language I 6 ECTS
Teaching English 3 ECTS
Optional I 6 ECTS
Optional II 6 ETCS
Musical Education II 6 ECTS
Teaching Art II 6 ECTS
Teaching Language II 6 ECTS
Teaching Knowledge of the Environment I 3 ECTS
Practicum II 15 ECTS


Early Childhood Education - 4th year


Teaching Knowledge of the Environment II 6 ECTS
Teaching Maths II 6 ECTS
Children's Literature 3 ECTS
Optional III 6 ECTS
Optional IV 6 ECTS
Optional V 6 ECTS
Practicum III 18 ECTS
Final Year Project 9 ECTS