Healthcare card

If you are a student who is currently living in Manresa but is from another Spanish region or another country within the EC, you need to have a valid healthcare card (either the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or one issued by your Autonomous region) ​in order to receive medical attention.


Your local Health Centre (Centre d'Atenció Primària – CAP in Catalan), which is allocated according to your catchment area (in case you don’t know which one is yours, the nearest CAP can give you this information), within the visiting times of Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm.


In Manresa there are four Healthcare Centres:

  • CAP les Bases: Telephone number: 93 8772222. Address: Creu Guixera, 51. 08243 Manresa
  • CAP Barri Antic: Telephone number:  93 8744100. Address: Remei de Dalt, 8-14. 08240 Manresa
  • CAP Sagrada Família: Telephone number:  93 8747813. Address: Sant Cristòfol, 34. 08243 Manresa
  • CAP Bages: Telephone number:  93 8748178. Address: Soler i March, 6. 08242 Manresa


If you have a serious medical emergency, you should call 112 or go directly to the Althaia Casualty Department: Telephone number: 93 8759300. Address: Dr. Joan Soler s/n, 08243 Manresa.


More information:

By phone: 061 CatSalut Respon
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