how to get to Manresa

UManresa stands in the university district of Manresa, a small city strategically located in the centre of Catalonia, an hour away from Barcelona by train or by car and with excellent transport connections with the whole of the region.

By road


• Barcelona – Manresa
To get to Manresa from Barcelona you can take the motorway (C-16, toll road via Terrassa) or the C-55 (via Martorell), to which you can access from the AP-2 or the N-II.
Junction: Viladordis (Manresa North)


• France / Andorra – Manresa
From Andorra or the Pimorent tunnel and the French road N-20, get onto the N-260, then the Cadí tunnel (toll road) and finally follow the C-16 (E-9).


• Vic / Girona – Manresa
Eix Transversal (C-25)
Junction: 132 Universitat.

Transport UManresa

By train


• Renfe
Ctra. Vella Manresa-Abrera
Manresa Railway Station: T. 938 724 796
RENFE Information: T. 902 240 202
Renfe Rodalies: T. 900 410 041


• Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Manresa Alta Station. Ctra Santpedor s/n
T. 938 770 606


Urban transport: bus service


• Line 1 (Balconada)
• Line 2 (La Parada)
• Line 3 (Mion)
• Line 4 (Sagrada Família- Font)
• Line 5 (St. Pau – Viladordis)
• Line 6 (Balconada. Weekends and holidays)
• Line 7 (La Parada. Weekends and holidays)
• Line 8 (Perimetral)



TAXIS MANRESA: (+34) 93 877 08 77

Situació UManresa