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Erasmus IN and other international exchange programmes

1. Agreement

We only accept students from universities or other institutions with whom we have an inter-institutional agreement. 

2. Nomination

Students must be nominated by their university and the university must confirm the nominations to UVic-UCC. Universities should send their nominations before the following deadlines:

- Autumn semester and whole academic year: 15.04.2021

- Spring semester: 15.10.2021

3. Application

All the nominated students must fill in the online Application Form

Application deadlines:

- Autumn semester and whole academic year: 25.04.2021

- Spring semester: 30.10.2021

4. Period for processing applications

A decision will be sent to each student regarding the application from the International Relations Office via email (and by post when requested):

- Autumn semester and whole academic year applications: end of May

- Spring semester applications: end of November

5. General information

Once the acceptance period has been closed, the International Relations Office will contact all the accepted students to welcome them to UVic-UCC and give them further advice for their stay with us:

- Autumn semester and whole academic year: beginning of June

- Spring semester: mid-December

6. Non-academic documentation

Before your arrival at Umanresa, you should send the International Relations Office a digital copy of your international private health insurance with detailed information about the clauses, period and countries covered. This document must cover the full length of your stay in Spain and at UManresa.

Besides, we strongly recommend you to send a digital copy of your European Health Card (European citizens).

You must also fill out the following form: details of the incoming students 2021/2022

7. Academic documentation

For information on the required academic documentation (i.e. learning agreement, pre-registration form, etc.) the student should contact the UManresa international academic coordinator at the faculty they will be based in.


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