Nursing Degree

If you have a calling to help others, if you like to put relationship and communication skills into practice with other people and if you are interested in applied scientific knowledge, nursing offers great career opportunities with excellent professional prospects, not only in Catalonia but also in the rest of Spain and in other countries.


Nurses can work in different settings: hospitals, primary care centres, health centres, town halls, NGOs, occupational health services for businesses, schools. Their work can entail both an aspect of caring for the patient and their family as well as advocating preventive measures in the community in order to lead a healthy life.


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Clinique Universitaire

UManresa has its own university clinic which allows nursing students to incorporate the knowledge and skills of the profession in a safe yet stimulating environment. The university clinic receives more than 12,000 healthcare visits every year, a figure that ensures that the volume and diversity of clinical cases is enough to provide students with a broad and solid vision of the profession.

Soins infirmiers

The UManresa takes special care of the practical training of future nurses. Its facilities comprise rooms equipped with the latest technology for clinical simulation. In addition, work placement can take part in many different healthcare areas: 11 rotating options in the practicum that provide an overview of the different working environments of nursing.

Soins infirmiers

85% of UManresa nursing graduates find work within two years of completing their studies.

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Nursing Syllabus