Physiotherapy Degree

The role of the physiotherapist is to prevent, promote, maintain and restore the functionality and mobility of the human body throughout life. Consequently, it is possible to work with all ages from children and adolescents to adults and elderly people. The profession allows subsequent specialisations in fields as diverse as sports, geriatrics, neurology, cardiology, respirology, paediatrics, gynaecology, urology, among others.


Physiotherapy is a career with a bright future and high demand in the international work market. It is a very rewarding choice for those who like to help and interact with others.


In the UManresa, you will find a highly qualified staff with a wealth of professional experience, and an exceptionally personalised learning environment based on a biopsychosocial approach to physiotherapy using scientifically validated and internationally recognised criteria.


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Clinique Universitaire

The UManresa takes special care of the practical training of future physiotherapists. Its facilities are equipped with the latest technology for teaching physiotherapy. UManresa has its own university clinic which allows nursing students to incorporate the knowledge and skills of the profession in a safe yet stimulating environment.


Almost one in ten of UManresa physiotherapy graduates decides to set up their own business. This is why the university provides an Entrepreneurship Support Service, which will help them in the process of analysing the viability of the company and finding the necessary funding.


70% of UManresa physiotherapy graduates find work related to their degree within two years of completing their studies, in areas as diverse as hospitals, health centres, private healthcare companies, primary care, special education schools, clubs and sports centres, spas and so on.

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Physiotherapy Syllabus