Pinea 3 Living Organizations International Congress 2017

2nd Edition – Manresa (Barcelona)



VIDEO 1 - Welcome Speech


VIDEO 2 - "Components of successful organizational culture change initiatives" By Dr. Enric Bernal.
Many organizations today need some sort of culture change whether they are aware of it and are doing something about it or not. Yet, a large percentage of culture change initiatives fail, according to many measures. Why is organizational culture change so difficult? What are th some of the key components to successfully transforming the way we do things in an organization? And what are the typical mistakes to avoid.


VIDEO 3 - "The charisma and pitfalls of narcissistic leadership" By Ms. Georgina Spentzou.
Narcissistic leaders are frequently encountered in senior positions. These leaders are very charismatic and because of their charm, confidence, ambition and vision, they very quicly rise to the top. But what happens when they get there? This presentation applies a clinical lens to the covert forces of narcissistic leadership and reveals the motivators, the behaviors and the consequences of narcissistic leadership and revels the motivators, the behaviors and the consequences of narcissistic leadership.


VIDEO 4 - "Brands with a conscience. What it means to build and lead a humanistic brand in the 21st Century" By Ms. Erika Uffindell.
In today business environment where employees have information overload and often struggle to find meaning in the workplace, the need for brands based on humanistic principles and systemic thinking is become increasingly important. What are the challenges and opportunities for leaders today in; creating a workplace that supports the needs of its employees, meets the demands of a new generation of consumers and also positively impacts the communities it serves. What are the big themes that we can learn from and which are the brands that are leading the way?


VIDEO 5 - "Conscious Companies: Do they exist and how do we recognize them? " By Mr. Konstantin Mudrack.
Early search from the US has shown that conscious companies yield better returns and profits that non-conscious companies. That stems the question: What makes a company “conscious” in the first place, what are “conscious practices”, starting from leadership, culture stakeholder mgmt. The answer: all of them, but they are no sufficient, a forth “ingredient” is key…


VIDEO 6 - "Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Leadership: All we need is Love!" By Mr. Xavier Tarré.
Truly considering organizations as living systems brings us the challenge of understanding how emotional intelligence works within these complex systems as a whole. Latest neuroscience findings bring surprising new insights that help us to understand how leaders’ brain operate when it comes to creativity, decision making, stress management or team empathy and how this affects leading styles and organizational behaviors.


VIDEO 7 - "Increasing a team's participative leadership and EQ; a cultural challenge which is a must for today's organizations" By Ms. Francesca Gabetti.
Data gathered by a new team and leadership management tool reveals that organizational behavior is subject to influences hardly taken into account until now. It’s a new conscious and digital knowledge that will lead leaders and teams through a cultural transformation process. Organizations can now be assisted to generate and interpret their own data and facilitate their accommodation to new participative leadership patterns and digitalized structures.


VIDEO 8 - "Change in living organizations: If you can not measure it, it does not exist" By Mr. Jordi del Bas.
Transforming organizations brings about changes in behavior and performance. Measuring these changes – often intangible- and the process generating them, is a challenge. Yet, making them visible to us and to the organization we work with is of the essence. Impact evaluation methodologies, traditionally applied to development interventions, offer a window of opportunity to solve this riddle; a window opportunity largely unexplored to date.


VIDEO 9 - "Openness to change: a Key attitude required in today's VUCA world" By Dr. Martina Blazková.
Everything changes – the environment, companies, and people. Many people organizations need some sort of change and they rely on their employees to accept and to apply such change. Some organizations meet with resistance because not every person in open changes. Changes are inevitable and the more open and flexible we are, the better for us.  Our body changes, can we change the attitude to changes?


VIDEO 10 - "Barriers to collaboration in top management teams" By Mr. Joan Cos.
How to improve Collaboration in Management Teams? Collaboration goes hand in hand with alignment, motivation and focus and deployment of business strategy.. It is a valuable source of competitiveness and wellbeing that remains mostly untapped. Very often the deeply routed reasons for lack of collaboration remain unseen or ignored. Research shows that organizations considered as living organizations and human based approaches contribute to radically expand collaboration in management teams.


VIDEO 11 - Closing ceremony



Guest Speakers


Mr. del Bas, Jordi – International consultant, specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation of United Nation projects, Adjunt Faculty at the Maastrich S. of M., partner at the EU-Asia G.B. Research Center (E) -


Dr. Bernal, Enric – PhD. Latin America Manager & Global Solutions Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, partner at Culture & Leadership and a Pinea3 Living Organizations -


Dr. Blazkova, Martina- PhD. , International Coach, Event Planer and Entrepreneur, founder of Move Now! Coaching -


Mr. Cos, Joan – International Consultant in Leadership, Strategy and Culture Change, Co-director of TAGA. Created and developed Apreciative Collaboration r methodology, partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations -


Ms. Gabetti, Francesca – International Entrepreneur, co-founder & CEO of TeamEQ, Co-founder Conscious Capitalism Spain, expert in Systemic Management and Leadership. Partner at Pinea3 Living Organitzations -


Mr. Mudrak, Konstantin – Researcher in leadership assessment and conscious business and he is also been developing career as business manager in HP. He is co-founder of Conscious Capitalism in Spain -


Ms. Spenzou, Georgina – Managing Director and Owner at Pure Coaching & Consulting, Master in Organizational Development (INSEAD, fr) -


Mr. Tarré, Xavier – International Consultant and coach in Leadership, Strategy and Culture change, Co-Director of TAGA. Created and developed the Matrioshka Model, partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations -


Ms. Uffindel, Erika – Founder and Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership and partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations. Chairwomen and former CEO at Uffidel Agency Change -