Podiatry Degree

Podiatry is a profession with a bright future due to the growing importance we give to the health of our feet. Podiatrists work with children, with the elderly, with athletes or with people who have jobs which entail standing for long periods of time. It is a very rewarding option for those who like to help and interact with others.


The podiatrists who graduate from UManresa, just like those from other universities in Spain, have an excellent reputation in the EU for their wide range of skills, knowledge and experience, including specifically those concerning podiatric surgery. In addition to the legal capacity of providing podiatric care to patients directly, podiatrists may also prescribe medications.

Licence en podologie


In the UManresa, you will find a highly qualified staff with a wealth of professional experience, and an exceptionally personalised learning environment. They will train you in the different aspects of the profession: lower limb biomechanical study; making high quality orthotics and insoles for patients both by traditional techniques as well as by three dimensional technology and CAD–CAM design; foot surgery; and chiropody linked to skin and nail diseases.


The UManresa facilities are equipped with the latest technology for teaching podiatry, both for exploration and biomechanical analysis as well as for podiatric surgery.


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Clinique Universitaire

The UManresa takes special care of the practical training of future podiatrists. It has its own university clinic which allows podiatry students to incorporate the knowledge and skills of the profession in a safe yet stimulating environment.


The university clinic receives more than 12,000 healthcare visits every year, a figure that ensures that the volume and diversity of clinical cases is enough to provide students with a broad and solid vision of the profession.


96% of UManresa podiatry graduates find work within two years of completing their studies. A large number of them decide to set up their own business. This is why the university provides an Entrepreneurship Support Service, which will help them in the process of analysing the viability of the company and finding the necessary funding.

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Podiatry Syllabus