Speech Therapy Degree

Speech therapy: between healthcare sciences and education.


If you like communication and helping others, speech therapy allows you to combine both activities with a professional profile encompassing healthcare sciences and education. You can work in different areas: early learning services, hospitals, schools, special schools or health centres (day-care centres, nursing homes, long-stay nursing homes).


Speech therapists use educational and rehabilitative techniques to give individual solutions to language, speech or voice problems. They work together with other professional workers in the health, social and educational sectors.


Orthophonie UManresa
Clinique Universitaire

The UManresa has its own university clinic which allows speech therapy students to incorporate the knowledge and skills of the profession in a safe yet stimulating environment.


The university clinic receives more than 12,000 healthcare visits every year, a figure that ensures that the volume and diversity of clinical cases is enough to provide students with a broad and solid vision of the profession.

The UManresa takes special care of the practical training of future speech therapists. Its facilities have rooms equipped with the latest technology for simulating clinical interviews and performing the acoustic analysis of speech.


In the UManresa, you will find a highly qualified staff with a wealth of professional experience, as well as a highly personalised learning environment.

Orthophonie UManresa

92% of UManresa speech therapy graduates find work within two years of completing their studies. A large number of them decide to set up their own business.


The university clinic provides employment opportunities for recently graduated students with the best academic records in order to help them with their incorporation into their professional career.

Orthophonie UManresa
Orthophonie UManresa
Orthophonie UManresa
Speech Therapy Syllabus