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Postgraduate School


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Masters, postgraduate programmes and specialisation courses

UManresa responds to the training needs of qualified professionals to meet the demands of the business world and society as a whole, beyond undergraduate studies with a wide range of courses, masters and postgraduate courses.

In an increasingly demanding and changing environment, knowledge has become a decisive factor in adaptability to the world of work. In this way, training has become an activity that lasts throughout life, either to update knowledge, to acquire a higher degree of specialisation or simply to enjoy the act of learning.

As far as organisations are concerned, the area of ​​training and talent development is taking on an increasingly strategic level and that is why UManresa aims to promote comprehensive, integrative, personalised and professional activities which have a double impact: on the one hand, to enhance the commitment of professionals in their continuous improvement objectives and, on the other hand, to foster an improvement in excellence and competitiveness in companies.

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