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UVic-UCC Manresa Campus

A Campus focused on developing competent professionals

UManresa is a campus of the University of Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) which welcomes an open, international and young community determined to experience university life to the fullest.

Each year, more than 5,000 students study at UManresa in one of the undergraduate, vocational training, master's, postgraduate, specialisation or language programmes. The university is located in Manresa, the capital of Bages, 40 minutes away from Barcelona, in a newly developed area of the north of the city, which occupies an area of 25,000 m2.

The UManresa campus continues to grow, both in terms of its facilities and the activities it provides. This growth comes from its specialisation in its three areas of expertise: Healthcare Sciences, Education and Business, and also from the collaboration with other local or international companies and institutions.

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A life-changing university experience at your fingertips

Learning is living

At UManresa, theory and practice go hand in hand. Our students learn by doing. Simulation activities and company placements are a fundamental part of the educational programmes.

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An international campus

The university community at UManresa is one of the most international ones among the Catalan universities. UManresa is an international campus, with multiple options for stays abroad to complete your studies and its own Language Service, with a wide range of courses in different languages and levels.

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Quality studies within your reach

Graduates from UManresa rate their time at the University very positively. An important part of them receive financial support from the University in order to continue their studies.

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Different centres and services connect the University with its surroundings

UManresa puts its knowledge at the service of the educational community, society and the business sector through different centres and services: la Clínica Universitària, the CISARC, the Lab 0-6 and the  Upetita nursery school.

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What can I study at UManresa?


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