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The Bages University Foundation was established in 1986 and began its academic activity in 1990, with the creation of the University School of Nursing. It is located in Manresa and currently offers university degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Speech Therapy, Podiatry, Business Administration and Management (ADE) and Early Childhood Education, in addition to a double degree in Podiatry and Physiotherapy. The signing of a federation agreement with the Balmes University Foundation, on January 30, 2014, made it the seat of the Manresa campus (UManresa) of the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia.

UManresa hosts different centres and services that complement and add value to its undergraduate studies. On the one hand, there is the University Clinic, a facility with dual healthcare and teaching functions, which is the environment in which Healthcare Science students acquire theoretical and practical skills linked to their profession, both in simulation classrooms and from the observation of the professionals who work there. On the other hand, the Centre for Innovation in Simulation (CISARC) uses simulation methodology in the training of healthcare professionals: from vocational training to university degrees, postgraduate university programmes or lifelong learning activities for professionals.

It also has the Lab 0-6, an area dedicated to discovery, research and documentation for scientific education in the early years, a resource directed by the Early Childhood Education studies. In addition, there is the Professional Campus, within the framework of which vocational training courses (CFGS) are taught in the dual format. Currently, the CFGS in Dental Prosthetics, the CFGS in Early Childhood Education, the CFGS in Administration and Finance and the CFGS in International Trade are all available. The UVic-UCC Manresa campus also provides studies in master’s degrees, postgraduate programmes and specialisation courses.

The FUB campus has an area of ​​25,000m2, located along the University Avenue and is composed of five buildings: FUB1, the building including classrooms and the administration and services departments; University Clinic; FUB2, which houses studies in the field of Business; FUB3, formed by the classrooms of the Physiotherapy studies; and FUB4, which includes teaching activities, research and services in the field of Education, including the Upetita nursery school.

Together with the UPC and the International University of Catalonia UIC, the FUB forms part of ​​the Manresa University Campus, within the framework of which the three centres share facilities such as the Manresa University Campus Library (BCUM) and the student hall of residence.

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