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Bàner UEducació

UEducation integrates all teaching, service and support activities for professionals in the educational field. It represents a determined commitment by UManresa to concentrate and generate knowledge in educational matters, transfer this knowledge to professionals and then transform it into programmes that have an impact on society. All of its activities are concentrated in the FUB4 - UEducation building, which boasts facilities specially designed to host training, research and educational services.


Official degree programmes

UManresa offers both a bachelor’s degree as well as a vocational training diploma (CFGS) in Early Childhood Education. Both the university degree and vocational training course pay special attention to the development of people capable of approaching scientific phenomena at an early age with the necessary spirit of inquiry and reflection.

Early Childhood Education Degree

Vocational training diploma in Early Childhood Education


Estudiant del grau en Mestre d'Educació Infantil fent pràctiques a l'Escola Sant Ignasi de Manresa




Dominica Díez i Rosa Vila durant el diàleg de l'Àgora 2022

UManresa's Centre for Innovation and Training in Education (CIFE) is responsible for providing permanent training for teachers and other education professionals in the central regions of Catalonia. Its programmes are addressed at teachers working in the different educational stages (childhood, primary, secondary, sixth form and vocational training). It also provides a personalised consultancy service for primary and secondary schools and organises events with an educational focus.


Postgraduate programmes

Specialisation training programmes

Summer School


Resources for teachers

Working groups

Àgora 2022


Educational services

UManresa directly manages different educational services which are open to the general public. The aim of these is to make the knowledge and innovation that is generated in research groups and that is taught in classrooms accessible to everyone.

Lab 0-6

The Lab 0-6 is a discovery, research and documentation centre for science education at early ages. It fosters the interest in science based on solving challenges by personal initiative, making decisions intentionally and enjoying positive scientific learning experiences. It supports the initial training of early childhood education teachers and the permanent training of active teachers, as well as developing innovative experiences with all teachers which can be carried out in schools. In the field of educational research, it promotes research projects on science teaching at early ages.

Lab 0-6 website


Escola bressol Upetita

The Upetita is a nursery school managed by the Early Childhood Education studies of UManresa. Its educational programme puts the pedagogical innovation taught in UManresa university classrooms into practice. It comprises a learning area where decisions are made based on evidence demonstrated by educational research and in-depth knowledge of the children and their families.

Upetita nursery school webiste


Josep Maria Aloy Documentation Center for Children's and Youth Literature

The FUB4-UEducation Building hosts more than 8,000 publications which Josep Maria Aloy collected throughout his career as a critic of children's and young adult literature. It includes different titles belonging to the genre, as well as articles and correspondence and is the most important collection of stories and novels for children and young adults in Catalonia.

Josep Maria Aloy Documentation Center

Lab 0-6


La llar d'infants Upetita ha iniciat l'activitat


Network relationships

UEducation collaborates with different companies and institutions to give maximum visibility and projection to its research, transfer, promotion and dissemination activities in the educational field.


Logo Departament d'Educació

Department of Education

The Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia collaborates closely in the lines of work of the Lab 0_6 focused on educational research and teacher training.

ICL Iberia

ICL Iberia sponsors the activity of disseminating information concerning the Lab 0_6’s early childhood science programme.


Logo Fibracat TV

Fibracat TV

Lab 0_6 and Fibracat TV jointly produce a television series on making science popular for early childhood.



Imatge de l'exposició dedicada a Josep Maria Aloy

UManresa posa en valor el llegat de Josep Maria Aloy i el seu Centre de Documentació amb una exposició de la UdL ampliada

Les diferents facetes de Josep Maria Aloy en relació amb l’obra de Josep Vallverdú i el seu compromís amb la divulgació i la dignificació de la literatura infantil i juvenil i amb la promoció de la lectura en llengua catalana centraran l’exposició


Una estudiant del Grau en Mestre d'Educació Infantil d'UManresa fent una activitat oral durant les pràctiques en escoles

Un estudi del que n’és coautora la directora del Grau en Logopèdia d’UManresa, Sandra Espino, constata que cal potenciar la competència oral dels futurs mestres

A les universitats es fan poques activitats per contribuir al desenvolupament de la competència en llengua oral de l’estudiantat. Aquesta és una de les conclusions d’un estudi en el qual ha participat la directora del Grau en Logopèdia d’UManresa, Sa


Un moment de la formació del CIFE d'UManresa a directores d'escoles bressol

Docents d'UManresa assessoren directores d'escoles bressol municipal de Manresa en l'actualització del Projecte Educatiu de Centre

Les docents del Grau en Mestre d'Educació Infantil de la Facultat de Ciències Socials de Manresa, Loli Vázquez i Laura Torreguitart, totes dues expertes en gestió d'escoles bressol, han impartit una formació adreçada a directores de les escoles

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